Repainting – A Parable of Forgiveness

 Have you ever tried to match a paint color without a swatch or a nifty home depot attendant? I have, and I would like to attest that some mistakes can’t be covered up ourselves by eye-balling a paint color.  We are simply gonna need more help. I recently put some new curtains in my house.... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Parable-Finding Divine Forgiveness from even the messiest of mistakes

I hate to admit that more than once in my childhood I fell asleep happily with a delicious wad of gum in my mouth only to wake up with a horrible blob of unmerciful goo in my hair. After a few minutes of panic I would remember that I happened to have a brilliant mother... Continue Reading →

Parable of the Rock

A few months back I walked along the beach and sat down at the cliff’s edge to watch the beauties of the ocean. I sat and watched the waves crash over the rocks. It was breathtaking! While sitting and pondering I noticed a smaller rock close to the shore that was constantly being hit with... Continue Reading →

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