Repainting – A Parable of Forgiveness

 Have you ever tried to match a paint color without a swatch or a nifty home depot attendant? I have, and I would like to attest that some mistakes can’t be covered up ourselves by eye-balling a paint color.  We are simply gonna need more help. I recently put some new curtains in my house. … Continue reading Repainting – A Parable of Forgiveness

Parable of the Bike

I have an amazing little sister named Laura.  She rides a mean road bike and can out-fun anyone I know.  She has an energy and an enthusiasm for life that is simply contagious.  Once when I was visiting her along with my parents, Laura and our Dad had an idea to go on a “little” … Continue reading Parable of the Bike

California Poppies-Reaching Towards the Light

Finding the faith to reach towards the light  In Northern California we have beautiful orange poppies that grow in the wild everywhere.  During my morning walks I am always amazed to look up and see them spreading like orange wildfire all over the green lush landscape.  A friend of mine once pointed out something to … Continue reading California Poppies-Reaching Towards the Light