The Ker-Plunk Parable

We have a favorite game at our house called Ker-Plunk.  This game consists of a bunch of sticks stuck through a cylinder with marbles precariously placed on top of the bundle of sticks.  Each player has a turn to pull one small stick out at a time hoping to avoid letting any of the marbles... Continue Reading →

Bad Bananas-Distancing ourselves from the harmful effects of unhealthy relationships

How many times have you made the mistake of putting an overripe banana next to another food item like a sandwich or a cookie only to have everything end up tasting like the nasty banana?   Sometimes life can be like a bad banana. Getting too close to toxic things, people, environments can just make... Continue Reading →

My Deal or no Deal Miracle

The game show that changed my life... Janette Beverley Deal or no Deal, 2005 Have you ever looked back over your life and been awed by the obvious presence of God’s hand in your life?  My experience on the national game show Deal or no Deal was one of those miraculous events in my life.... Continue Reading →

Steering Required

I drive a mini-van. Yup, I’m one of those moms. And recently I bought a new Honda Odyssey with a crazy feature that’s almost like auto-pilot.  At first it freaked me out but now I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.  I simply take my hands off the wheel and watch my car... Continue Reading →

Dear Cell Phone,

I think you and I need to spend some time apart.   I’m sorry to be so blunt but you are smothering me in this relationship.   Take last night for example, I was trying to read my kids a story and you kept going off over and over until I finally gave up on... Continue Reading →

Parable of the Pearl

I have always been fascinated by the way a pearl is formed.  How does one small piece of irritant or foreign entity enter an oyster and turn into something so beautiful?  Normally irritants don’t cause anything beautiful, do they?   In my life I have often seen people who become something beautiful under extremely difficult... Continue Reading →

Parable of the Parachute

When I met my husband in 1996 he was serving in the US Army as an Airborne Ranger in the 2nd battalion in Ft. Lewis, Washington.  We like to say that Bryan had three lives while in the Army, not the customary nine. Nearly loosing these lives guided him in his decision to get out... Continue Reading →

Parable of the Surfers

One day as I sat on a cliff side overlooking a beach I saw a large group of surfers attempting to catch the biggest wave. I decided to sit and watch their expertise. As I sat for several minutes I noticed a pattern. All of the surfers but one sat back behind the waves out... Continue Reading →

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