Time for change…again

We have all heard the familiar phrase “nothing is as constant as change.” With that phrase I add that change is also inevitable, it is frequent, it can be both beautiful and heartbreaking, forced upon or chosen, embraced or repelled. Whatever it is for us, how we handle the change can make all the difference.

Today’s blog I write for myself, to remind myself of these truths. A few weeks ago I left behind the dream home my husband and I just purchased a little over a year ago for a new adventure in a city far away. I said goodbye to a perfect neighborhood, amazing friends, a church group that was family, and a school my kids loved for an unknown path I still cannot completely see.

What I have discovered though is that through all the change, what matters most came with me. All my worldly belongings are still in a storage facility, I live in a cramped hotel room with my husband and 4 kids and even though everything around us has changed, love remains the same. We have each other.

We have our faith, our family and the belief that things will always get better. That change isn’t an ending just the beginning of unknown blessings. We simply need to be brave enough to look for them, not allowing ourselves to look back at what we had and pine for its loss but focusing forward with hopeful new eyes to what can be.

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