Peanut Butter Parable-Finding Divine Forgiveness from even the messiest of mistakes

I hate to admit that more than once in my childhood I fell asleep happily with a delicious wad of gum in my mouth only to wake up with a horrible blob of unmerciful goo in my hair.

After a few minutes of panic I would remember that I happened to have a brilliant mother who, having four daughters, knew just what to do. Out came the jar of peanut butter to smear heavily on to the gum in my hair. Magically and almost unbelievably after a good shampooing and brush-out the gum damage was now impossible to see.

Divine Forgiveness is like that. No matter what we do in our lives, no matter how much guck we get stuck in, the savior of the world atoned and died for us so that we could be utterly and completely forgiven.

He can completely remove our sins from our lives to the point that we can’t even see or feel the effects of that sin. Like the gum in my hair however, no amount of washing or scraping would remove the gum. I had to use the right tool. I needed something stronger than my mistake. I needed to rely on the right source to wash away the gum that would have otherwise been a constant reminder of that poor choice.

The savior of the world is that source. He gives us mercy and healing, peace and forgiveness. He is the only way to Eternal life and He is waiting for us to knock so that He might open the door to forgiveness and eternal salvation

Photo by Tania Melnyczuk on Unsplash

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